Attend the Real Estate Riches in Niches Workshops Hosted by the Most Powerful Duo... Sam Sadat and Sensei Gilliland

Real Estate Riches in Niches

Riches in Niches workshops bring together two powerhouse real estate and business mentors; Sam Sadat and Sensei Gilliland in high value, truly engaging events that will inspire and deliver actionable, sure fire strategies for financial success.

Together these two SoCal legends present the top ranked Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside County real estate investors clubs. In this series of special workshops they bring all of their knowledge, market expertise and business building experience to enable you to go from wherever you are now, to where you want to go, fast.

Check out the Workshops page to find out more, and reserve your place to learn more about Riches to Niches events that provide easy to implement, and highly lucrative training for wholesaling houses, growing a rental portfolio, lease options, remote rehabbing, hard money lending, asset protection, no money down real estate deals, social media marketing and entrepreneurship.

Meet Your Hosts:

Sensei Gilliland

Founder of Black Belt Investors and ‘The West’s Top Ranked Real Estate Investors’ Club’, Sensei Gilliland has been fixing and flipping houses for over 22 years, while training thousands of other investors to maximize their full financial potential.

Sam Sadat

Founder of the famous Sam’s Real Estate Club, and investor with 3 decades of experience, Sam Sadat is a national speaker, radio talk show host, and highly respected mentor, who has been involved in over 2,000 property transactions.