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March 1, 2014 9am-4pm

Hacienda Hotel and Conference Center at LAX (Directions below)

Join us for an amazing seminar on Cash Flow Real Estate & Syndications and get on the fast track to your income and wealth building goals while crushing risk…

This full day Real Estate seminar offers both aspiring and sophisticated real estate investors expert insight and training from the top real estate pros in the U.S. for learning how to:

  • Select the right strategies & vehicles for speeding towards investment goals
  • Research and pinpoint the best markets thoroughly and quickly
  • Use the best structures for creating real estate partnerships and joint ventures today
  • Discover highly profitable property syndication opportunities right now

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Invest in Real Estate for Cash Flow!

There’s never been a better time to invest in U.S. real estate. Between historically low interest rates, discounted prices on properties, and a bright outlook for growth few will see conditions this attractive for acquiring rental properties again during their lifetimes.

There are still appealing property deals even in hot Southern Californian markets, as well as property markets in different phases of the rebound around the country.

With the right direction and systems those entering the real estate market and expanding portfolios now will be positioning themselves to benefit from substantial cash flows, above market investment returns, and with the potential for significant increases in asset value over time.

Will you take advantage of the opportunity?

Why Real Estate Syndications?

Want to capitalize on the amazing opportunities in the real estate market, but don’t have a million dollars cash on hand, the time or the expertise?

Real estate syndications enable investors to collaborate with like-minded, accredited partners and leverage the best minds in the industry to take advantage of the best opportunities real estate has to offer.

Syndications are also known as joint ventures (JVs) or real estate partnerships, and provide great benefits for investors at all levels; helping them to maximize their resources, while playing their best hand.

The Benefits of Real Estate Syndications Include:

  • Leveraging the time, expertise and money of others
  • Spreading and eliminating risk
  • Increased speed to capitalize on current market opportunities
  • Higher returns on better deals and terms
  • Enhanced security and peace of mind
  • It’s exciting and a lot of fun working with like-minded investors

Join us and find out how to leverage syndications to minimize risk, enjoy the advantages of diversification, and maximize returns, as well as the best ways to hold property for liability protection and preferential tax treatment.

What You’ll Learn at the Cash Flow Real Estate + Syndications Seminar:

Regardless of where you are starting from this power packed one day real estate seminar in SoCal will help you streamline your strategy, equip you with the knowledge, tactics and practical how-tos you need, and help speed you toward your goals.

Whether you are just looking to get started in real estate, are returning to the market, or already have a sizable portfolio and are simply looking for ways to improve performance and find attractive new deals you’ll be glad you came.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  1. A Proprietary 7 Point Inspection to Select the Right Property in the Right Area
  2. The 3 Cycles and Timing of the Real Estate Market So Your Investing Career is Always Profitable
  3. Benefits of Real Estate Partnerships and How to Avoid Pitfalls
  4. Intelligent Property Management Strategies
  5. How to Execute an Effective Cash Flow Retirement Plan
  6. Tax Strategies To Make You Richer by Keeping the IRS Out of Your Pockets
  7. The Advantages of Syndications
  8. How to Pool Resources for Taking Down Bigger and Better Deals
  9. Profiling Recent Successful Syndications
  10. Syndication Opportunities
  11. How to Leverage the Time, Money and Expertise of Others for Higher Returns
  12. Syndication Tactics for Flipping, Cash Flow and Wealth Building
  13. Hot Investment Opportunities from California to Kansas City to Cleveland and Beyond
  14. How to Partner Up Regardless of Cash, Credit or Experience
  15. Much More!

Your Guides to Profitable Cash Flow Real Estate Investing & Syndication:

This Southern California real estate seminar is hosted by two of the top minds in the U.S. real estate industry. Sensei Gilliland of Black Belt Investors and Sam Sadat of Sam’s RE Club are two of the most respected investment professionals in the business, which have proven their strategies and education effective again and again, throughout all phases of the housing market, in virtually every corner of the country, and for thousands of students and investors from around the world.

Hosts of two of the country’s most highly acclaimed real estate investment clubs Sam and Sensei bring together proven track records for profitable investing that work today and will serve students well for as long as they invest, while helping them to take whatever they are doing to the next level.

Claim Your Spot Today!

If you desire to be successful in real estate on your own, or with one or more partners, then you need to attend this live training event.

Learn the ins and outs of real estate investing for cash flow, wealth building, syndication, and how use investment alone, or with a group of investors for increased success.

This is real estate training that will take you to financial freedom!

Spots are Very Limited, Register Now…

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Hacienda Hotel and Conference Center at LAX

525 N. Sepulveda Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245
310.356.4590 direct

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