The Advantages and Limitations of How You Should Take Title to Real Property

Title to real property in California may be held by individuals, either Ownership or Co-Ownership. Co-Ownership of real property occurs when title is held by two or more persons. There are several variations as to how title may be held in each type of ownership. The following brief summaries reference some of the more common […]

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How To Find The Right Deals

A Brief Overview of How to Find Real Estate Deals People who are interested in finding out about real estate wholesaling typically have three major questions. They want to know: • Is this really something I can do without any affiliation with a bank or major funding organization? • Where do I find deals? • Where do […]

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Sensei Starts from Zero

So why does a successful martial arts instructor and school owner, one who already was making a very comfortable living, decide to stretch himself and learn a new industry and take on another full-time profession? “What it boiled down to is that I own a handful of martial arts studios and it provides a very comfortable living, but […]

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