Find It. Fix It. Profit. – Tips from a Master

Fix and FlipHow does the Remote Rehabs℠ program work? Sensei Gilliland, President of Black Belt Investors and the real estate investment club Los Angeles known as “12 Rounds”, shares his personal system of success.

1. Find it: Black Belt Investors find wholesale deals without the client spending hours upon hours of searching for properties; they also evaluate the neighborhood, properties, the city economy, plus the numbers using his calculations formula giving back time and relieving a ton of stress for the investor.

2. Fix it: The Black Belt Investors’ Remote Rehabs℠ team will do all the rehab work, so the investor doesn’t have to lift a finger or a hammer rehabbing the property.

3. Profit: If the investor needs quick cash then flipping is the strategy to use. Lease option and owner financing is a great strategy to make money three ways… upfront, in the middle and on the backend. The final strategy is for the portfolio builder… buy-and-hold rentals. No matter which strategy the investor selects Black Belt Investors will list the property for sale or have the property manager place a tenant.

Sensei Gilliland is a husband, father, real estate investor and entrepreneur. He is also the founder and CEO for Black Belt Investors and co-founder of Riches In Niches, real estate companies that offers investments, education hard money lending and consulting. To learn more about Sensei sign up for his free Newsletter by visiting or call 951-280-1900.

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