Remote Rehabs℠ with a Master

Sensei Gilliland Helps Others Earn Their Real Estate Black Belt One Rehab at a Time

“Find it. Fix it. Profit.”

logo22Sensei Gilliland’s investing mantra may be basic, but this simple wealth formula has propelled his clients and his personal portfolio to a level that he never could have imagined. And, while other real estate brokers made a mad dash out of the industry in 2008, his “Find it. Fix it. Profit.” philosophy carried him through one of the most disastrous markets in recent history.

In fact, for Sensei and his team at Black Belt Investors in Corona, CA, 2008-2013 was a very productive years. “For the last 6 years we have out-paced our competition due to placing our client needs first and our proven system,” he proudly states.

Sensei, the Los Angeles real estate club leader, who also owns and operates several martial arts studios in Southern California and teaches students, attributes some of his success as an investor to the skills he has learned in martial arts: patience, flexibility, and perseverance.

“I love the combative arts. I trained myself to focus, build myself physically, mentally and overcome any obstacle strategically. I’ve taken my training from martial arts and applied them to real estate.”

For example, in terms of flexibility, Sensei believes in having multiple exit strategies when investing. He adjusts his business as an investor, according to changing market conditions. Sensei is well-versed in advanced creative techniques such as wholesaling, flipping, and purchase options (“subject to” financing, lease options, etc.), as well as and rentals. “The more strategies you have within the niche, the more options the investor has, and the less risk he takes,” he explains.

Sensei is indeed a master investor, well versed in every facet of creative real estate. He explains, “Wholesaling real estate comes in many forms from assigning contracts to buying at the auctions to fixing and flipping. The cash generated for my business last 18 years has been flipping properties using wholesaling, rehabbing and purchase options strategies.

Financing, a difficult feat, today in mainstream real estate is also one of his niche specialties. “We are assigning contracts with large equity positions and engaging in creative financing; Subject to, land installments, sandwich options and real estate auctions are all components of my real estate cash machine.”

His turn-key investing program, which he coined “Remote Rehabs℠”, is designed for busy investors who want to purchase discounted properties across the states in stable economies yet undervalued markets. These distressed homes, which usually require cosmetic work, make great cash-flowing rentals for long-distance landlords.

Sensei and team helps the buy-and-hold investors build long-term wealth, he says, “the majority of our clients want a strong return on their investment at below average acquisition cost. They also desire to invest in stable markets that offer appreciation. Basically, investors want to rebuild their beat up retirement accounts using my plan,” Sensei explains.

He further explains, “Remote Rehabs℠ is a completely different investing model compared to most other investment companies. The majority of investment companies that offer turn-key real estate typically have available inventory and they are searching for buyers to move that inventory at retail prices. Remote Rehabs℠ is completely the opposite… Instead of having a few turn-key retail properties to choose from, we consult with our clients to learn their needs, then we fetch the property he/she desire. This process is allows the investors to choose a property without pressure sales. You see, the other companies that already have rehabbed properties in inventory are limited in selection and they want to sell the property that has been on the books the longest. ” Sensei adds, “The other great aspect of our service is most of these properties will be cosmetically distressed, which gives us the leverage to acquire at better pricing and pass the built-in equity to the investor. In a nut shell, the investor receives a property of their choice in a stable market offering strong cash flow and/or appreciation with multiple exit strategies. That is what differentiates Black Belt Investors from most other real estate companies. We are putting cash and equity into their portfolio.”

Another way that Black Belt Investors assists individuals is by offering them specialized investor tours throughout choice markets. Currently, Phoenix AZ, Kansas City MO, Indianapolis IN and Cleveland OH are the destination of choice. Sensei realizes that a lot of stress exists for the investor, so his team will do it all: “We find the wholesale property, run the numbers, and evaluate the investment.” Then, Black Belt Investors’ Power Team performs the rehab work needed to make it turn-key, then the investor has the option to offer a lease option (hybrid flip), owner financing (residual income without land-lording) or long-term hold for wealth building.

The whole point is to offer investors exit strategies, of course, Sensei and his team guide investors to choose the best outcome according to their goals and needs.

Sensei Gilliland is a husband, father, real estate investor and entrepreneur. He is also the founder and CEO for Black Belt Investors and co-founder of Riches In Niches, real estate companies that offers investments, education hard money lending and consulting. To learn more about Sensei sign up for his free Newsletter by visiting or call 951-280-1900.

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