Santa Monica! Learn Real Estate Investment from the Pros.

ATTENTION: Serious Santa Monica Real Estate Investors, Rehabbers, Realtors and Anyone That Truly Wants to Learn How to Profit Through Buying, Selling and Holding Real Estate

Finally! A Workshop that WILL Make You Money and CHANGE Your Business!

At the Riches in Niches Real Estate Workshops, Real Estate Experts Sam Sadat and Sensei Gilliland will teach you how to easily find lucrative deals to flip or hold using simple techniques that can help you produce huge profits in the Santa Monica and Los Angeles Real Estate Investment market.

Do YOU Have the Right Mindset?

Entrepreneurs are arguably the ultimate innovators. To be a successful entrepreneur, one must be able to self-motivate, create, adapt, improvise, problem solve, and implement (and that’s just to name a few). In other words, one needs to have an creative and goal oriented mindset. Thankfully, this is something you can learn.

Sam Sadat, a self-improvement and real estate expert, kicks off the workshops with training on how you can change your life and turn it into a true success. In fact, he will dive into deep detail about his daily practice which is “My Motivation in the Morning is About Manifesting Miracles in My Life”, he will show you can use this in your personal life and so you can turn your business into a profit making machine, however Sam won’t stop there… He will give you the tools you need so that you’re able to self-motivate, create, adapt, improvise, problem solve, and implement these skills in real estate investment.

Real Estate Investment Workshop

Past Attendees had to Say…

“Sam is ALWAYS enlightening”
– Layne Herrmann, Los Angeles

“This workshop really helped me put myself in the right mindset to start investing”
– Tanya Paul, Canyon Country

“My attending today’s workshop confirmed good education is available with integrity.”
– Rita Harris, Los Angeles

Are You Still Trying to Find Your Real Estate Niche in Santa Monica?

As many of you know, Sensei is hands down the foremost authority in Wholesaling, Rehabbing and Purchase Options. He will share his expertise by walking you through sure fire strategies that will help you produce checks in today’s local markets. If you have ever dreamed about getting started in Real Estate Investing or taking your real estate business to the next level, then this educational event is for you.

Here are a few highlights that you will learn…

  • How to Find Profitable Houses Right In Your Own Neighborhood
  • How to You Can Flip the Contract or Flip the Financing
  • Profiting with Sandwich Options, Lease Options & Subject-to Financing
  • How to Develop 10 Profit Centers without Using Cash of Credit
  • How You Can Flip Properties with No Equity (this one is HUGE)
  • A Whole Lot More

Expect Sensei to help the beginner get started and the seasoned pro walk away with fresh ideas for investing in real estate.

Just Listen to What These Investors Had to Say…

“I would without hesitation recommend the training by Sensei to anyone who is searching for a “true to life learning experience” without spending a fortune”
– Mohammed Ejaz, Orange County

“Sam and Sensei provided valuable strategies and tips applicable to a wide range of real estate investing… all at a wholesale seminar price”
– Scott Williams, Thousand Oaks

“I have attended many different seminars which are sales oriented and press to close a sale. I didn’t feel that today and I look forward to the next event”
– Joel Quimpo, Long Beach

To Recap Plain and Simply, This is a WIN-WIN for You…

Not only will you learn to develop income niches in Santa Monica Real Estate, not only will you be taken by the hand and taught step by step how to better your mindset, but you will be rubbing shoulders with like-minded entrepreneurs and many prizes will be given away!

To find out when the next Real Estate Workshop will be, keep checking back on our blog, or contact us.

To Your Success!

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