Sensei Gilliland

‘Sensei’ Sean Gilliland has gone from being one of the top ranked martial artists in the United States to operating a fleet of schools and becoming recognized as one of the leading real estate experts in the country.

During his school years Sensei Gilliland began training, and was honored as one of the top martial artists in the U.S. for five years in a row. Showing his entrepreneurial spirit early Sensei opened his own martial arts academy his first year out of school. This has now morphed into a network of training academies which he is still actively involved in today.

In 1995 Sensei Gilliland broke into the world of real estate investing. Realizing how incredible the rewards were, he quickly scaled his investment activities to buying, rehabbing and flipping houses from coast to coast.

Applying the principles he had learned from intense martial arts training and entrepreneurial skills developed as a business owner Sensei began developing a real estate empire which incorporated wholesaling for cash and long term wealth building through rental properties.

Due to demand Gilliland broke into real estate consulting and education with Black Belt Investors in 2002. In 2003, his first real estate investment club launched in California, followed up by expanding with a real estate investing club in Corona in 2004. ‘12 Rounds’ is now recognized as “The West’s Top Ranked Real Estate Investor’s Club”.

In 2007 Sensei was awarded the Real Estate Wealth Battalion Award, and since 2009 has been an industry authority frequently turned to for commentary on the real estate market. As one of the few that not only made it through some of the toughest years the world has ever seen, but that have continued to thrive, Sensei Gilliland has certainly earned his rank as a true ‘Real Estate Master’, and was featured on the cover of Real Estate Wealth Magazine in 2013.

Today Sensei continues to be sought out by real estate investors, gurus, and business owners under several brands, for practical, value packed, actionable advice and consulting on investments, business building, and lending.