The Ultimate Investor’s Tour – Cleveland, OH

Mega Cash Flow & Appreciation Opportunities

Learn How Black Belt Investors Have Successfully Helped Investors Purchase CASH FLOW PROPERTIES FOR NEARLY 2 DECADES.

Join Sensei Gilliland and his Black Belt Team for a 1-day money making event.

Next Cleveland, OH Tour Event… September 30, 2017. Seating is Limited!

Target Properties & Strategies

  • Houses are the Target * Easy to Fix, Easy to Rent, Easy on the Pocketbook
  • Great Rentals Starting in the upper $40K * Can You Say “Cash Flow”?
  • Houses 55% Below Builder’s Costs * We All Want a Screaming Deal!
  • Start Building Your Real Estate Cash Flow Machine Today!

Here is what we have planned for your tour: We Will Start the Day by Meeting the Team Behind the Scenes:

  • Get to Know the Black Belt Team
  • Rehab Crews so You Don’t Have to Swing a Hammer
  • Talk Numbers with the Analysts
  • Meet the Insurance Agents that Will Help Protect your Assets
  • Talk to the Title Agents that Will Help Close Your House
  • Our Property Managers Will Get You Up To Speed About Rentals
  • Learn from the Entire Black Belt Team that Will Make Investing Easy!

Once you have mingled with the team, it’s time to put some heat in the streets. We are going get on the bus so we can visit…

  • the Heart of Cleveland
  • Properties that are Currently Being Rehabbed
  • Houses that have Gone From Ugly to Pretty
  • View the Area, Neighborhoods and Houses

This is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for YOU to Meet the Team, Learn the “Remote Rehabs℠” Program and Get Your Investment On.


Cash Flow Opportunities

Next Tour Event… Sept. 30th. Seating is Limited!

Remote Rehabs℠ is a system that Sensei developed 17 years ago. He designed it for the investors wanting to buy cash generating properties such as flips… lease options… rentals, but did not have the time to invest. Remote Rehabs℠ is a hands-off system so you don’t have to lift a finger (or a hammer), but you get to keep ALL the profits. Remote Rehabs Benefits

  • We Search for the Hottest Areas to Get the Max. Returns
  • We Help You Generate Immediate Income
  • We Offer Mega Cash Flow Properties
  • Our Properties are Newer and Located in Desirable Neighborhoods
  • Deeply Discounted Properties – Wholesale Pricing at its Best
  • We Do Just About Everything for YOU!
    • We Will Find the Best Deal for You
    • We Will Physically Inspect the Property for You
    • We Will Run All the Numbers for You
    • We Will Check Liens Status for You
    • We Will Rehab the Property for You
    • We Will Rent the Property for You
    • We Will Assist and Consult with You
    • We Will Send 100% of the Profits to YOU!

Now is the time to get off your A$$ets and start creating cash and building wealth through a time tested system that has been proven to be a success! Listen to These Investors…

“Exceeded Expectations” “Wow! Just wow! I don’t even know where to start with all the things that Remote Rehabs℠ has done for me. Know that list of benefits that Black Belt Investors offers? Well they are all completely, one hundred and fifty percent true! All I know is that Remote Rehabs is the simplest and most profitable program I have ever experienced.” – Pek Lee Choo – Chicago, IL

“Simply Amazing” “Here is what I did: I enrolled in Sensei’s program Remote Rehabs℠, he found me a deal and his team did all the work A-Z. Soon after the rehab and listing the property, I was amazed to receive offers on my investment! At first I put it off to blind luck, but within 45 days I receive a check for over $17,000 in net profits and I’ve been smiling since.” – Lynn McCloskey – Concord, CA

The Nation’s Finest Real Estate is on SALE!

Here’s Your Opportunity To Achieve Real Estate Superstardom!

So don’t mess around, join the Ultimate Investor’s Tour –right now– while it’s fresh on your mind. Register Today to Get Involved Tour Date: September 30, 2017 Tour Time: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm Tour Location: Cleveland, OH Tour Registration: $97 pp or $147 married couple (price good until 9/20/2017) My Fellow Investor, If you’re serious about creating cash and wealth then I am serious about helping you build income streams, but you must be ready to take action. No tire kickers. Now let’s get it on!


*Tour expenses may be tax deductible, check with your tax adviser.

** If I must cancel, I understand that spaces are limited and agree to notify BBI by March 31, 2017 in order to receive a full refund. If I cancel after March 31, 2017 my admission fee is non-refundable. Last day to register for this event is April 7, 2017. No Exceptions!